Writing a will is a legitimate way of giving the valuable assets and possessions of a deceased to its heirs or beneficiaries. If one fails to make a will and pass away while being a resident in the UAE, many undesirable things can happen such as frozen bank accounts (single or joint), canceled dependent visas, etc. The UAE courts will apply the Sharia Inheritance Law that will govern the distribution of assets.  As a result,

– Wife receives 1/8th of the total asset.

– Mother and father get 1/6 each.

Where to register your Will?


Wills are registered at Dubai Court. If you are an Expat, it is recommended to register your Will as by doing so, you will be able to:

– Choose the law of your home country.

– Frame Wills as per your wish and distribute accordingly.

– Have full control of your assets and safeguard your family's interest.

Due to its nature and significance, drafting a strong, error-free Will is critical.

At Polestar, we have a team of leading associate lawyers with great expertise in registering the Wills for both Muslims and non-Muslims. They are highly proficient in drafting wills, and may also help in any alteration afterward if required. We ensure to prepare a perfectly legal will for you, so your wealth is in safe hands.

If you are a Non-Muslim expatriate,  in the absence of a Will, the UAE court will apply Sharia Law to all of your assets (both movable and immovable) situated inside the UAE and right over your children. Therefore, having a Will is mandatory in the UAE.

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