Offshore Company Formation

An offshore company is also known as a non-resident company is a business entity that does not carry out any major business activity in its country of origin. Such companies are established under the laws of tax jurisdiction for better wealth management and reduce tax payments. However, you cannot occupy office space in the UAE. Establishing an offshore company is one of the most effective ways to start or expand your business. These companies have a choice for reduced or minimal tax payments such as capital gains, death duty, value-added tax (VAT), corporate profits, real estate sales, etc.

Why choose an offshore company in the UAE?

Offshore companies allow 100% ownership.

Businesses can minimize their total tax liability.

International Trade
An offshore company is an ideal choice for those who wish to do international business apart from other investments.

Multiple Investors
An offshore company can have 1-50 shareholders.

Economic Stability
An investor can enjoy the benefits of a stable banking system and flexible legal system.

Bank Account
Eligibility to open multi currency bank accounts in international and local banks in the UAE.

If you wish to set up an offshore company in UAE, contact us for a free consultation. Our experts will be happy to assist you with all the details.

There are 3 offshore location choices for entrepreneurs and foreign investors:


  1. JAFZA Offshore: Jebel Ali Free Zone or JAFZA is the most preferred place for starting an offshore company in the UAE due to many reasons such as minimal operational costs, easy incorporation process, zero personal and corporate tax policies.
  2. RAK Offshore: RAK International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) is another popular registry for the incorporation of all offshore or international business companies. The companies established here can enjoy benefits such as a single shareholding structure with no restrictions on profits and capital and minimum capital requirement 
  3. Ajman Offshore: Ajman offshore is another favorite offshore business destination in the UAE, offering many attractive benefits for investors such as low company setup cost, easy registration process, ability to purchase and sell the property.

In case you have any questions about company formation in the UAE offshore regions, talk to our experts, they would be happy to help you.